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Guaranteed SMS & Voice delivery through Premium Routes only, with your preferred CallerID! In the very rare case that some messages are not delivered, you are not getting charged.

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Voice Marketing is cheaper than calling from your own mobile or your company’s call center! And is doing everything you need!

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Organize your contacts & campaigns extremely easy! Connect from anywhere! Automate subscribers management, send personalized messages, get responses & unsubscribes.

Unlimited Options!

Potential customers can sign up with just a press of a button, request more info, call back or even connect them back to your customer service!

In Depth Reporting & Analysis

Extensive Analytics & Delivery Reporting inform you about delivered, pending or declined SMS & Voice calls, contact validity, duplicated contacts, subscriber’s provider… And much more!

Text Marketing Vs. Email Marketing: Which One Packs a Bigger Punch?

Email SMS
Reach Slow (up to 6h) Instant (98% read in 3 min)
Average Open Rate 25% (depends on industry) 92%
Opt- out Possibilities Low Low
Sender’s Identity Clear Often Not
Potential Coverage Medium High
Personalization High High
Visual Elements Yes Mostly No
Amount of Information Unlimited 160 characters
Feedback possibilities Yes Yes
Malware Possibility High Low
Click Through Rates 4.2% 19%

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